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The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they hear the word orthodontics is braces. Well, if you are one of them then the chances are that you have not visited an orthodontic office before. This may surprise you, but a good orthodontist Baton Rouge offers a variety of services other than fixing braces. Let us look at the types of services that are provided by orthodontists.

OrthodontistTypes of Services Offered by an Orthodontist Baton Rouge

Correction of Protruding Teeth

Patients who have protruding front teeth can have them corrected by an orthodontist Baton Rouge to help them have a better face shape and also prevent them from being injured when they fall.

Correction of an Open Bite

An open bite is an opening that forms between the lower teeth and the upper teeth when a person clenches their teeth. Patients who have an open bite can have them corrected by an orthodontist.

Correction of an Underbite

An underbite is a gap that is formed when the front teeth are far too forward, or the lower teeth are far too behind when the teeth are clenched.

Correction of Spaced Teeth

Spaced teeth are gaps that exist between teeth either because a tooth is missing or teeth do not fill up one’s mouth.

Correction of Crowding

There are instances when the jaw is narrow such that teeth become too overcrowded and may even overlap each other. In such an instance, the orthodontist Baton Rouge will have to remove a tooth to create space for the others.

Orthodontic Appliances

For comprehensive orthodontic treatment, both fixed and removable appliances are used to realign teeth, train jaws and correct muscles. They work by placing pressure on the teeth, jaws or muscles to achieve the desired result.

Types of Fixed Appliances


Braces are the most common type of fixed appliances. They can either be in the form of a wire, band or bracket that is wound around teeth to put pressure on them until they finally move to the desired position. Clear aligners, also known as Invisalign, are extremely popular among orthodontist Baton Rouge patients because they are easy to conceal.

Fixed Space Maintainers

They are used to keep a space in the mouth open until another tooth grows to replace it. They are most common among children who lose their teeth.

Types of Removable Appliances

Removable appliances can be easily removed when eating, brushing, playing sports or running. They include aligners that work the same way as braces, removable space maintainers used to maintain a tooth’s space, removable retainers used to hold teeth in place, headgear used to modify facial bones, lip and cheek bumpers to position facial features and jaw re-positioning appliances. An orthodontist Baton Rouge can help you with all of these.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

1. Increased self-confidence especially for children and teenagers who may be bullied at school due to their teeth defects.

2. Reduced chances of an injury to the front teeth after a correction of protruding front teeth.

3. Improved functionality of teeth and coordination of teeth in the mouth.

4. Improved facial features after alignment of jaws, teeth and lips.

5. Guide permanent teeth to the desired positions when a tooth is lost, especially in children.

6. Effective and efficient improvement of one’s overall oral hygiene.

7. In some instances, speech is enhanced.

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